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This forum is for forex beginners. If you are new to forex and have a question, this is forex trading forum best place to ask it. If you’re looking to learn forex, get your training and education at the School of Pipsology.

The magical place where all traders can gather together to discuss anything and everything about the Forex. Got da bomb trading system or method? Discuss Day Tading and Swing Trading here! Website announcements, new feature releases, account and technical problems, and your feedback all go here. Need a forex broker, have a question about a specific broker or have a broker review to share?

This is the place for you! This is the place to discuss the many different trading platforms and software packages out there, as well as all the different tools used to make you better traders, like economic calendars, calculators, nerdy spreadsheets, special computer setups or sweet mobile apps. If you need help finding the right software, then this is the place for you. Bitcoin is all the rage, gaining interest around the word and adoption by investors, businesses and governments. But new Altcoins are appearing just as quickly with their own technical advantages over some of the big boys or hope to focus in on one specific utility. Bitcoin FTW or will another altcoin take away the crown? We know forex traders trade more than just foreign currency.

Discuss other markets here, including stocks, binary options, commodities and futures as well as your favorite cryptocurrency. The Commercial Content category is only open to 3rd party analysis and market commentary, topics and replies related to support inquiries made by our members of their brokers and blog posts. Come here to shoot the breeze with fellow members about anything non-Forex related. Announcements Forum related announcements are posted here.

Be sure to visit and read the latest news. Suggestions and Ideas Suggest your ideas on how to improve the forum and make it a more comfortable place for you to stay. General Forex Discussion General discussions about Forex market. Forex News Read and post your Forex news here.

Fundamental Analysis Provide and discuss the fundamental analysis of the Forex market. Technical Analysis Provide and discuss the technical analysis of the Forex market. Forex Education All about learning to trade and getting Forex education. Trading Systems and Strategies Forum to discuss various Forex trading systems and strategies. Forex Brokers Discuss the Forex brokers in this forum. Forex Signals Post your free Forex signals here.

Newbie Questions You can ask your basic Forex questions here. Trading Journals Post your trades, share your success and losses and monitor other traders’ performance. Share your ideas, picks, and analysis. Spread Betting Discussions about spread betting in Forex and related markets go here. Learn about the spread betting basics, discuss spread betting strategies and differences with normal spot Forex trading.